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General Legal Measures (Terms and Conditions) of an Online No Deposit Casino

1. Website Usage.

Upon using this site, you are hereby conforming to the rules and regulations provided herein. This website is intended for personal non-commercial purposes only. If by chance you do not concur by the pertinent rules and regulations, you are not entitled to use this website.

2. Warranty Exclusion.

The owner holds no responsibility regarding the functionality of this website. The owner has all the right to disclaim any warranties, may it be implied or expressed for any particular purposes.

3. Liability Limitation.

The website owner disclaims any liability regarding damages, for inability to use the site’s products and services, and is not liable in providing reimbursements or indemnification of any kind directly or indirectly.

4. Confidentiality.

Website materials, such as but is not limited to it, texts, images, illustrations, programs, audio and video clips is owned ad provided by the owner.

The owner cannot give warranty as to the infringement of the rights of a person or any entity. Upon using this website, you agree to the terms that your unprotected e-mail including all data included therein may be altered or lost due to the medium of communication which is over the internet. You also agree that all the information you provided using your access or account in whole or in part will be used by the owner and is not limited to reproduction, transmission and retransmission and publication of that information for the owner’s commercial purposes even your identity’s disclosure. Any other trademarks, logos and other symbols are properties of the website owner and any recognized member that it may not be used without written permission from all its owners.

5. Monitoring.

The owner has the right to monitor and intervene with any other activities related to the website. All you have to do is to consent to any monitoring and intervention if the owner opted to do so.

6. Links.
All the links and references are provided for therein for convenience purposes. The owner does not endorse, may it be implicitly or expressed, nor reviewed the sites contents, provided that any other links to this website is not granted by the owner if there is no written permission